About Our Practice

At Ortiz González we build trusted relationships with our clients that are based on service quality and results.

Our worthy approach provides creative and comprehensive legal solutions, regardless of the complexity of the matter, which we always study in depth and approach to with a rigorous and persevering attitude.

Our legal solutions are creative because we are committed to go beyond standardized answers, analyzing each case uniquely. In the same way, we define the structure and opportunity of the legal strategy with a specialized look that each subject merit. And when the situation requires it, in view of its public perspective and communicative interest.


Relevant Experience


Practice Areas

Banking and Corporate

Our banking and corporate law team is characterized by the quality and depth of its legal analysis, as well as the certainty of its solutions and response times, privileging always the personalized attention by the partners and the reciprocal trust building with our clients.


Arbitration and Litigation

Our arbitration and litigation area is characterized by its high level specialization and solid overall experience. We address the challenges that our clients pose with the capabilities of a rigorous team prepared to provide integral and creative legal solutions, responding with strategies according to the assignment’s or conflict’s complexity level.


Insolvency and Restructuring

Our insolvency and restructuring practice takes a legal framework that introduces new fields and legal alternatives for asset management and insolvency proceedings. The knowledge and legal skills of Ortiz González are in a constant process of professional updating, always focused on new and emerging matters of relevance.


Private Client & Expat Law

Our Private Client and Expat Law area was created to meet the local needs of expat clients and legal challenges faced by high-net-worth individuals. We have become an ally on patrimonial and tributary matters for strategic assets. We respond quickly, accurately and flexibly to the legal service requirements requested.